Cowboy Chow from Deep Ellum to Lower Greenville

Mockup of Food Truck Trailer Park Lower Greenville

Photo by Sarah Blaskovich

After recently closing the Deep Ellum location, Cowboy Chow is the restaurant leading the way in the development of a food truck trailer park is planned for Lower Greenville, which will start construction late this summer.

First announced by Madison Partners in November 2010, Arcadia Food Park is nearly ready to break ground for a tentative opening in early 2012. The concept is to have 6 semi-permanent trailers where the old Arcadia Theater (destroyed by a fire in 2006) used to be. Most of the trailers will emulate silver Airstreams and there may be variations of cool or funky Winnebagos. Because the trailers will be bolted down and considered to be buildings, Jonathon Hetzel and his team have secured the appropriate city and building permits.

The Food Truck Trailer Park or Arcadia Food Park will have seating for 150 to 200 people in an outdoor space of 6,300 square feet. PLlans are to have parking for approximately 60 cars, a common bathroom building (there will be a beer and wine trailer with taps coming out of the side!), a playground for kids and dog park.

Do you think this new project will thrive in Lower Greenville?
With the renovation and reinvention of the Historic Granada Theater (constructed in 1946 as a Movie House) in recent years as a major music venue (hosting many music acts that would have performed at the now defunct Gypsy Tea Room in Deep Ellum), the project is positioned near one of the, if not the most popular live music venue in Dallas.

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