Pavle Milic and The New FnB

pavle millic fnb

Pavle Millic fnB

After only eight months on the job, general manager Pavle Milic has left Prado, the signature restaurant at the swanky Intercontinental Montelucia resort. He will open his own restaurant.

Pavle Milic started at Cowboy Chow and was the original general manager at Digestif, where he got everyone’s attention with his steel-trap memory for names and affable, Old World-style manner. (He called diners, “my dear sir” and “my dear lady.”) Milic was also a sight to see, riding his Segway back-and-forth on wine runs between Digestif and mother ship Cowboy Ciao along Stetson Drive.

Restaurateur Peter Kasperski (Cowboy Ciao, Kazimierz), front-of-the-house charmer Pavle Milic (Digestif, Prado) and chef Charleen Badman (Rancho Pinot Grill) are the partners behind FnB, which will move into the spot that housed Sea Saw and, more recently, Digestif, on Stetson Drive.

The name will be familiar to the restaurant industry: “F&B” stands for food and beverage.

Milic calls FnB a gastropub, and describes Badman’s cooking style as “honest and unpretentious,” with “worldly” touches. The menu details are still being worked out, but Milic says “seasonal” and “local” are the operating principles. Among the dishes being discussed are a quince salad with nuts and prosciutto, polenta-crusted popcorn shrimp with green goddess dressing and lamb shank with Israeli couscous and pickled turnips. Kasperski, whose Cowboy Ciao has the most extensive wine list in town, will craft the beverage program.

Milic is hoping to open around Thanksgiving, but acknowledges that date may a bit optimistic.

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    Best of luck to you Pavle!

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