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Cowboy Chow in Dallas, TX, is three chefs who hate corporate restaurants, love quality and simplicity and subscribe to the ideal of not going into debt for a night out on the town. This is the basic idea behind the restaurant. Cowboy Chow is simple quality driven dishes that are darn cheap for the taste and experience that is served.

Top-3 restaurants to watch 2009 – D-Magazine
Top-10 new restaurants 2008 – Terresa Grubbins
A “must see” restaurant – Texas Monthly
Top Ten Tables 2008 – Dallas Voice

Cowboy Chow “open range dining” is a concept inspired by chuck wagon cooking, which was started by a Texas rancher in 1866, Charles Goodnight. A chuck wagon was originally a mobile kitchen that carried cooking equipment, and food, also known as “chuck”, for the nomadic workers like cowboys and loggers. Often the cowboys were given the tougher cuts of meats which needed long hours of cooking in order to break down the tissue. In order to make the flavor-packed cuts of meat tender enough to eat, chuck wagon cooks would braise the meat for 5-8 hours by cooking it in a flavorful liquid. This is a favorite preparation of meat.

Cowboy Chow chefs take several kinds of delicious proteins and braising them in diverse kinds of liquid. They always start with sautéed onions, carrots, and celery, then add any of the following: Lone Star beer, beef stock, jalapeño juice, tequila, chicken stock, red wine, or bourbon. These meats cook for 7 hours. After marinating overnight, they are reheated and serve the dishes in a number of exciting ways.

The restaurant is most proud of the brisket tacos but also has additional delicious menu items to choose from, including Dr. Pepper braised beef ribs and brisket sloppy Joe’s.

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